Further ideas

Idea for creation of a new policy

If Government can tell the story of the policy development process (all the stages and hoops, etc) including the challenges and opportunities (use specific examples as case studies, like social housing, at risk children, etc). There are many aspects to consider when developing policy: political environment, evidence base (data, case studies, etc), transparency, civic participation, feedback loops, responsiveness of government to incorporate insights from civic participation (resulting in responsive policy design)

Then a challenge at GovHack could be:
What modular components would you build to solve parts of these challenges? How would you link up the modular components to form a configurable system?
See this article for reference: __http://radar.oreilly.com/2015/03/socialcivics-and-the-architecture-of-participation.html__

Background resources for 'life events'

  • Customer research on life events
  • Mapping the user journey
  • Result 10 Customer Research

Open Government awards - 2015

Their theme is improving public service through open government in any category, e.g. economic welfare programs, healthcare, education, water, roads, public safety etc.

Idea - Life event - moving town

An app could pull together useful information for someone moving to a new town (or looking for a town to move to). The app could show for any location:
  • Demographics (from Statistics NZ)
  • House prices and rental (MBIE)
  • Rubbish collection schedule (local govt.)
  • Clubs (local govt.)
  • Recreation areas (Local govt)
  • Recent climate stats (NIWA?)
  • School zones (Ministry of Education)
  • Victim of crime stats (Police)
  • Tsunami Zones (local govt.)
  • Free wifi (local govt.?)
  • Public transport routes (local govt.)
  • Maybe calculate sun/shade rating from gradient and building footprint (LINZ and local govt.)??
  • etc.
A few things (eg. rubbish collection) may be available currently as information rather than machine readable data so is an opportunity to negotiate with WCC to make available as data as a catalyst to get same from local govt. nation-wide…


Data Journalism - Visualisation of Generosity in NZ

A visualisation of the level of relative generosity shown on a map of NZ based on claims for donation rebates vs income brackets form tax statistics. Possibly then show where the donations are going in terms of categories/purposes of charities receiving donations from the Charities Register open data...


Sankey Diagram showing proportion of funds from different sources going to different causes. Eg. demographic or sector breakdown of donors or funders and volume of giving on one side and category of charity/causes receiving. Potential data sources include Charities Register, taxation statistics from IRD, Generosity NZ, Ministry for Culture and Heritage vote allocation, Creative NZ grants, Sport NZ grants, Ministry of Social Development contracts.


Data sources:
Personnel 1902-1979 __http://archives.govt.nz/sites/default/files/nzdf-ww1-full-list-final-141353.xls__
Location of memorials __www.nzhistory.net.nz/locations.kml__ ..
NZ WWI Linked Open Data __http://cenotaph.mebooks.co.nz/__ - (This not Govt. data but awesome!)
Imagery and other content from __www.nzhistory.net.nz__

Given this is the first time NZ has joined Australia in GovHack, perhaps data on this theme from across the Tasman could be mashed to do something truly ANZAC-ish...