MB1023: HRLV-MaxSonar®-EZ2™High Performance Ultrasonic Precision Rangefinder

Sonar range finder that can work with a Arduino or Raspberry Pi.
Useful for counting objects as they go past, like cars.
external image 1adxrt4x680FyJMU_YzlNIXLBstMOteGCCPnbJ3OGVU=w569-h545-no

x2 Ardunios

one in a Littlebits kit that is enroute from US and one MindKits system.

x2 Tessels

Ultrasonic sensor

external image tessel-red-usb.jpg

x2 air pressure sensors

BLE stickers

Can be used with one of the Tessel's and we can purchase a another BLE detector for for the Arduinos too.
Can also be used from a phone.

x3 LightBlue Bean[s] + dev kit

ref http://punchthrough.com/bean - BLE transponders with multicolour LED, accelerometers and inputs/outputs - Ardunio compatible. SDK on Mac OS, App on iOS.
@JoMangee is Bringing for use / hacking with.

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