As at writing we have a number of data sources available, though we need a lot more to come online as soon as possible.

Where to store your data

ISIS Group Box until we get Catalyst Cloud up: You will need to create a username and password here.

The read only (doesn't need username), is here: ISIS Group Box Dump Site

ISIS Group Box Dump Site includes Araflow Data, Rubber Strip Data, Airport Barrier Arm Data, and Social Pinpoint Data


Community feedback

(Capture) Miramar Hackathon Social Pinpoint Site - Geo mapping of ideas for the Hackathon
A Google Sheet of anonymised responses is now available

Travel times

Calculated travel times across Wellington routes (by minute)
Map of sensor locations:

Snapper card

Test environment URL:

will return name of user, and list of registered cards with current known balance.

will return recent transaction history for specific registered card.

Production environment URL:
Please note that the API is not available in the production environment yet. I expect this will be available later this month. In the meantime the test URL will serve the same data although availability may be more volatile.


(Static) ISIS Group Box Dump Site
(Static) Wellington City Council Transport Static Data
(Static) Auckland Transport API Developer Page
(Static) 2013 Census Data
(Static) 2008 Ngauranga to Airport Plan
(Static) Strathmore Park NEW Bus Routes Coming
(Static) Miramar NEW Bus Routes Coming
(Static) Lyall Bay NEW Bus Routes Coming
(Static) NZTA Developer Google Group
(Static) Airport traffic data for October 2014


(API) Christchurch Traffic
(API) Auckland Transport
(API) TREIS Highway Events / Incidents in Real Time
(API) Traffic Web Cams
(API) Location Referencing API
(API) NZTA SSDF Segment Manager (measures journey times)
(API) Bing Traffic
(API) Google Maps
(API) Weather Underground

Developer info

(Dev) Twitter Dev
(Dev) NZTA Infoconnect (this might be useful if we can sift Wellington Data)

Website scrapes

(Could Scrape) - NZTA Web Cameras
(Could Scrape) - NZTA North Island Highway Information
(Could Scrape) - AA Roadwatch
(Could Scrape) - NZTA Twitter Account
(Could Scrape) - Wellington Airport Arrivals [See next line -- Lee @llnz2]
(Could Scrape) - Wellington Airport Departures [Grabbing content hourly, will bring on the day. Hope to create a POC parser as well -- Lee @llnz2]
(API) Wellington Airport Arrivals [Live / on demand API pull of Arrivals using - Link here is for GET. POST and Google Sheets integration available too (@benrwilde) ]
(Could Scrape) - NZ Traffic Lights
(Could Scrape) - Metlink Wellington "Real Time" information [richdrich: I have a POC scraper for this now. Will try running it on a server for a few days and post the results]
(Could Scrape) - - Shows wind forecast by weather stations

Other data requests

  • New Zealand Bus has been unable to provide data.
  • We have approached Google, who have chosen not to respond to our requests for help. We assume this is because we are open sourcing our data and solutions. You will find API information for other traffic services above, we suggest strongly you use those rather than any Google data.
  • Sensing hardware that can be utilised prior or during the weekend.

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