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Suggested "life events"

New beginnings

  • Entering a long-term relationship Getting together
  • Getting a job/managing employment registrations/qualifications
  • Running your own business

Being a parent
  • Care of a dependent (not child)
  • Having a child
  • Guardianship, fostering or adoption of a child
  • Parenting a pre-schooler
  • Going to school

Leaving school

  • Attending secondary school and doing NCEA
  • Going to uni
  • Enrolling to vote and voting

Moving around

  • Arriving in New Zealand Coming to NZ [could include stuff about buying a house, education]
  • Travelling overseas from New Zealand Leaving NZ [could also include stuff about selling house, etc]
  • Moving to NZ for an Extended Stay
  • Moving town
  • Your first home
  • Buying or building a house
  • Renting a property
  • Selling a house

The life of a Govt policy

Life goes on
  • Buying and selling personal goods
  • Buying or selling a car
  • Enjoying New Zealand's public amenities
  • Getting a pet
  • Getting your driver licence
  • Importing and exporting personal goods
  • Volunteering for public service

When things go wrong
  • Dealing with an emergency
  • Dealing with natural disaster
  • Accused or convicted of breaking the law
  • Becoming bankrupt
  • Losing your job
  • Being a Victim or Witness to Crime
  • Dealing with a civil legal matter
  • Getting sick or injured [two different things?]
  • Ending a long-term relationship

Chilling out and the end
  • Retiring
  • Going into care
  • Dealing with a death

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