Mesh|net will provide and supervise parts of the infrastructure for the Wellington #GovHackNZ at MBIE. If you have issues getting connected - go find Jo Booth - or tweet @MeshnetNZ

Required Infrastructure:
  • Connectivity. MBIE provider aware, looking at GovHack SSID and separate network. Offers from others for Fibre + Ruckus 7762 WiFi APs + 100 Mbps international, or some Open-Mesh gear as backup to MBIE.
  • Power. MBIE providing layout of powerpoints at venue
  • Hosting (data) and IaaS - Catalyst IT provisioning cloud storage for Sean's collection of Data sets. Looking at others as well AWS and Innity offers.

Notes from meeting at MBIE
Event on 3rd - 5th
one of 7 in NZ
Data creatives
challenges - open data.
Optimal BI - Sean - Catalog the data. NZRS?
github -
The page is here, and the first thing I'm interested in is your thoughts on a format for gathering and storing data about datasets.
Please let me know your GitHub username so I can add you as an editor.

Catalyst - cloud.
Mikes dream - common API
laura - wiki nz
LINZ - Paul
Ian - lead for comms
we have facebook
Regos - Kay event planning - Petra.
New nz site for GovHack
Start Up weekend.
Opening night. 17:30. Simon Morton.
Live event stream. Goodie bags.
100 ppl. Introduction. Team forming.
Context - life event - person. Career move. People in the scene.
Policy. How does it come in? Business life events. Within govt - new policy.
Apps for jobs.
Building A house. Buying procurement.
Getting law made.
4 elements. Context. Personal. Others.