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The Problem
Nearly twenty-five million has been invested by the Greater Wellington Regional Council in fixed signs that don't show real-time bus information, only scheduled information, greatly limiting its effectiveness.

We need to understand where buses are in real-time in order to drive greater use of bus services, however, New Zealand bus can't, or won't, release the GPS data that we require. Being bus number, and location.

The Answer
We produce the data ourselves by developing an application that allows a bus user to not only see where the buses are in real time, but allows riders to rate their ride in terms of how congested the bus is and the mood of the driver.

How it works
When you get onto your bus you start to log your trip. You note your bus number, the mood of the driver, and how congested the bus is. This data is sent to a back end system in real time, including the bus location via GPS. The rider is unidentifiable.

A passenger waiting for a bus can see the bus approaching on a map as the number of riders increases during peak flow. They can also see how full the bus is and the mood of the driver, allowing them to make a decision on whether to ride, or wait.

When the rider finishes their trip, they tag off the service and get points for distance and the information they supplied. The points go toward leader boards, badges, and experience levels as well as entering riders for monthly prizes of Snapper dollars. Top riders can win Snapper dollars.

Current State