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50: Abi Beatson
Social Media & Crisis Mapping Researcher.

49: Tom Beard
GIS/Data Visualisation consultant, writer, urban designer

48: Walter Langelaar
Vic Uni Media Design lecturer, artist, activist.

47: James Kiesel
Ruby on Rails developer, data nerd, Enspiralite, with an interest in learning some GIS. Also puppets.

46: Marielle Lange
Rich application developer (web, desktop, mobile). Also data analysis, visualisation. Strathmore Park resident. Bus+car+bicycle user.

45: Demetrius Christoforou
Light rail and tram-train.

44: Shaun Rosier
Landscape architecture and urban design. Will have laptop with Adobe software, auto cad and GIS analysis software

43: Matthew Sims
Integrated planning and sustainability. If ideas are like atoms, then this hackathon is going to be like an A-bomb

42: John Grayson
Web developer at Xero, mainly .NET. Enjoy hacking Android and iOS, also NodeJS and Rails.

41: Jack Bannister-Sutton
Java, Design and Problem solving, Creating Technological designs in order to solve problems.

40: Fernanda Borba Nunes
I'm a service designer with marketing and research background. I'm passionate about improving community life and very keen to participate in this "hackaton".

39: Marcelo duque cesar
Solution for transportation issue. We would like to show our prototype for RIDESNZ.

38: Lee Begg
Python/Django developer, public transport user, and railway enthusiast.
Twitter: @llnz2

37: Deb Robb
Business analyst - hoping the melding of our minds can develop into something innovative, world leading and beyond the usual solutions

36: David Laing
Cycle advocate, IT strategy consultant (with a bit of sustainability consulting on the side), Hataitai resident. Interested in how we can connect up communities using information and tech to avoid reinventing wheels, reusing ideas and riffing to create innovative solutions.
Twitter: @sustainednz

35: Kate Henderson
Software Engineering student, most of my experience is in Java. Really keen on making Wellington a smarter city.
Twitter: @mistyepd

34: Jack Callister
I like building Ruby on Rails services and sites. I'm really interested in learning about how I can apply those to meaningful projects. I help co-ordinate the hack pack in Wellington. I'm happy to offer anything you might need to help make the event a success. Just point me in the right direction and say go.
Twitter: @jarsbe

33: Birgit Bachler
Python data processing/visualization/manipulation, art & design, physical computing, big data & society
Twitter: @irgbit

32: Julian Apatu
Service Design
Twitter: @japatu

31: Daran Ponter
Transport planning Policy Development

30: Elaine Hampton
Public transport, Basin Reserve, Second Tunnel, Airport access,

29: Paul Bruce
Regional Councillor (ex MetService Meteorologist), looking to bring together long term sustainable solutions to mobility providing a range of transport choices that protect our "special spaces" and improve safety and health outcomes. Community lead innovation will provide endearing answers.
Twitter: @paulebruce

28: Ryan Street
Surveying all aspects. Interested in GIS and draughting related topics and seeing what opportunities are about closer to home. I previously worked a few years for Fulton Hogan as survey manager for wellington region. Including contracts involving wellington airport and other airports in the Pacific islands. I have many years experience in the oil and gas industry through surveying since starting out in Taranaki in early 90’s.

27: James Burgess
Intelligent transport systems and vehicle telematics, including TMC and TPEG real-time traffic/transport info protocols. Used to coordinate for TISA in Europe. More functional requirements geek and project wrangler than hands-on tech. Chair of Cycle Aware Wellington but here for the overall transport/civic stuff.
Twitter: @james_burgess

26: Jennifer Geard
Government web geek, erstwhile research librarian, Strathmore commuter and seasonal cyclist.
Twitter: @JenGeard

25: Kay
Geek not tech, ideas person, connector, pro-public transport & public health, anti-flyover, & keen on sustainable #cleantech future.
Twitter: @JennyKayNZ

24: Richard Parratt
I'm a Rails / Java developer specialising in Big data / Smart data, including Solr/PostGIS/Neo. Did a lot of the donkey work on Interested in doing some clever data analysis, maybe work out how long MetLink's "minutes" actually are?
Twitter: @rich_d_rich

23: Minh Ha
I'm a mostly Ruby/Rails web dev by trade. Side hobbies include connecting things together and try to make them work, electronics and embedded systems (but I'm very new to this), urban agriculture, urbanism - sustainability - resilient.
Twitter: @minh_ha

22: Ron Beernink
Enterprise Architect. Cyclist/Public Transporter/Car Driver/Walker. Keen to see efficient sustainable solutions that work for all. Recently participated in the Citizen's Advisory Panel to come up with cycle route options for the Wakefield Park-John Street section of the Island Bay-CBD cycle way.

21: James McCann
Software Engineer working at 3months, recently completed Honours project investigating use of in-vehicle wireless communications to optimise traffic light phase times at an intersection. Interested in using hardware and software to improve public transport and traffic management. Working on Android/iOS/Rails.
Twitter: @jmccnz

20: Carlos Chambers
Big fan of cities that make sense. Worked on Fast Forward Wellington transport plan for Generation Zero. Co-founder of Common Ledger, dealing with copious amounts of financial data. Early stages of code learning journey (Ruby)
Twtiter: @nzcach

19: David Preece
Bluetooth LE, embedded development, Python. I also like the idea of building models of systems then having a computer try several million possible outcomes to see what works the best.
Twitter: @rantydave

18: Mark Gudalupe
Solution Architecture, Software Design & Development(Web & Mobile), E-Commerce.
Twitter: @markguadalupe

17: Edwin Rosario
An interest in Technology. Twitter: @EdwinARozario

15: Sean Audain
Innovation Officer at Wellington City Council with a background in Urban Planning, measuring city's, visualising data and developing solutions.

14: Ian Apperley
Local Strathmore Park resident that works part-time as an ICT Consultant and a writer the rest of the time. Very interested in the concept of Smart Cities and citizen run change with politicians helping, not leading. You can find me at WhatisITWellington, or on Twitter.

13: Regan Ryan
Hataitai resident but working in Miramar. Founder of Embrium, start-up developing technology for energy and security industries. Expertise in embedded design, sensors and data acquisition. Very keen on exploring innovations and improvements in public transport.

12: Mike Riversdale
MiramarMike ... keen to make this suburb a showcase for all of NZ and the world in communities doing it for themselves / Twitter: @MiramarMike

11: Ben Wilde
Live in Miramar, work in North America (remotely), play in Wellington. Interested in technology solutions (sensors & data) to everyday challenges (traffic and such).
Twitter: @BenRWilde

10: Jo Booth
Work in Wellington in Public Safety, keen to integrate stuff - but mostly inwards. Went to #HackAKL and built better routing algorithms for Fire truck response, keen to do something locally too. Mostly answer to @JoMangee

9: Jack Yan
Solid Wellingtonian, and Geek (^IA) - Jack Yan

8: Mike Clare
Photographer/videographer living and working in Miramar... the possibilities sound interesting.

7: Russel Garlick
Miramar local, project manager / geek wrangler at Catalyst IT.

6: Richard Law
Masters student in Geographic Information Systems, work with spatial public transport data, build custom networks. PostGIS is grand. Twitter: @alphabeta_soup

5: Sam Rye
I'm particularly interested in the role of tech in the future of towns, cities and rural NZ, our society & environment. I have a Comms & Social Media background, but also dabblen in tech entrepreneurship through Enspiral, Lifehack and Volunteer Impact. Twitter: @samrye_enspiral

4: Steve Baker
A bike and walk friendly Miramar (on road and track)

3: Kylie Walker
RFID/NFC and human implants (I have three RFID implants and a magnet) Might be too basic but for the non-tech heads, you could perhaps show an easy hack to store your Snapper card coil inside your phone. No need for an NFC phone or to fish out your wallet, just run your phone past the reader when you get on or off the bus. You can also store the coil inside a ring and inroads are being made to create human transport card implants. Twitter: @kjwx

2: Jason Paul
I work for the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office. I am responsible for working with the communities of Wellington’s Southern and Eastern Suburbs to create a connected and prepared resilient community.
Twitter: @chlocka

1: Jay Anderson
Geek, Emergency Manager, PT Advocate, Consulting Technologist, West Islander.


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